About Alice

Growing up, my family was always cooking, my mom, my dad, my brother. . food was definitely a family affair. My parents both worked full-time and were small business owners, so we rarely ate dinner together as a complete family (on the weeknights) but we almost always ate Sunday breakfast, lunch & dinner together. My dad taught us to always clean off our plates and to not waste food. This is probably why I was a very chubby (ok, fat) kid.  I was surrounded by delicious food, and not just Korean food, all the time.


Surprisingly, I never really enjoyed cooking until after I got married. I needed to expand my culinary repertoire (or lack thereof) so I started collecting recipes from all these cooking magazines I had (I worked at an ad agency so had the hook-up!) and just started cooking. After many, many failed attempts, nights where we had to toss out food and order pizza, 2, maybe 3 small kitchen and toaster oven fires . . I feel like I have my groove.


Now, I love cooking and I’m definitely still learning. .  Am I gourmet? No. Am I 100% organic? No. But I do try to buy most things organic and I am a huge supporter of buying fresh local ingredients.


At the end of 2013, our family moved to the great state of Wisconsin and now we are living in Madison. I hear there is a fabulous Farmer’s Market here so I can’t wait for the Spring. And hello?! I’m in America’s Dairyland now. .  home of Wisconsin Cheese. How happy am I?


I hope you find some inspiration here and mostly, good recipes that you will want to try in your kitchen. Thank you for stopping by!


Do you have any questions or want to get in touch? I’d love to hear from you! You can contact me via email. I can also be found at The Kitchn and The Kitchenthusiast.