• Greek Easter Bread for Easter/Passover Feast #SundaySupper April 20, 2014EasterBread_HipFoodieMom.com_FB-3
    Happy Easter everyone!
    I’ve posted this Greek Easter Bread before but I had to share this bread again with you today. I’ve got baking on the brain and a joyful heart so if you are ever ready to play around with some yeast, practice your bread braiding skills and devour some absolutely delicious bread, this is …
  • Lattice Top Apple Pie #BakeForGood + A BIG @KingArthurFlour Giveaway! April 18, 2014Lattice Top Apple Pie_main2 | HipFoodieMom.com
    If you follow me on social media, you may remember I recently attended a King Arthur Flour Bake for Good event in the Twin Cities.
    Bake For Good.
    What is it?
    “While the name is new, King Arthur Flour has been living the initiative for a long time.”
    For over 20 years, King Arthur Flour’s free Bake for Good Kids …
  • Three Cheese Mac and Cheese Pizza + @WisconsinCheese Giveaway! April 15, 2014Macaroni and Cheese Pizza_closeup | HipFoodieMom.com
    As you can probably guess, April has been quite the cheesiest month for me. .  I think I’ve consumed enough cheese for 5 people this month.
    But I LOVE it.
    And I couldn’t leave you this month without making a macaroni and cheese pizza. Like my last post, some of you may be wondering “what is she …
  • Kimchi Ramen Grilled Cheese Sandwich April 14, 2014Ramen Kimchi Grilled Cheese_main | HipFoodieMom.com
    As a food blogger, I read a lot of food related websites, cookbooks, magazines, other food blogs and basically, anything I can get my hands on. I like to read about food trends, new chefs, what people are doing and fun and inventive things people are doing with food. And every once in a while, …
  • Celebrating National Cheese Fondue Day with Emmi Fondue + A Giveaway! April 11, 2014Fondue Party | HipFoodieMom.com
    Do you fondue?
    Did you know that this classic Swiss meal has its own holiday?!  April 11th is National Cheese Fondue Day.  . yes, it’s true! Time to fire up the fondue pots for food, fun and good times. To celebrate, Emmi Roth USA is sharing their must-know fon-DO’s of fondue – everything from tips for when you dip …
  • Macaroni and Cheese Grilled Cheese + A Giveaway! April 10, 2014Macaroni and Cheese Grilled Cheese_plated_main | HipFoodieMom.com
    It’s National Grilled Cheese Month! This month is all about cheese, bread and butter. And lots of it.  My last post went over the basics for making the perfect grilled cheese.
    And today I thought. .  Be adventurous. Go big or go home.
    I’ve always wanted to try a macaroni and cheese grilled cheese. I mean what …
  • Penne Pasta Salad with Steak, Dijon and Arugula April 8, 2014Penne Salad with Beef and Arugula_main | HipFoodieMom.com
    I could tell the troops were getting restless. Especially the big one. My husband.
    I had been serving lots of salads and vegetarian dishes and he was getting pissed. There was even talk of staging a coup and trying to get rid of Meatless Mondays. He was even trying to get the kids on board.

    There was …

  • Apple, Prosciutto and Gruyere Grilled Cheese for @GalloFamily #SundaySupper April 6, 2014Apple, Prosciutto and Gruyere Grilled Cheese_main | HipFoodieMom.com
    Ever since my first wine and cheese party, I’ve been hooked. Crostini, charcuterie platter, cheese, fruit and wine and more. Give me all of this at a gathering or party and I am a very happy person.
    Wine and cheese. They just go together.

    There’s something about how the wine brings out the flavor in the cheese, …

  • Salami and Emmentaler Cheese Crostini with Maille Dijon Mustard + a Giveaway!! April 4, 2014Salami Crostini with Gruyere and Maille Dijon Mustard_main2 | HipFoodieMom.com
    If you ask me, crostini parties are the way to go when entertaining. They are quick and easy to make and are so versatile. You can top those little toasted breads with just about anything.


    If you follow my blog, you may have noticed that I have a thing for dijon mustard. I seriously put it …

  • Mac and Cheese Muffins with Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese April 3, 2014Mac and Cheese Muffins_white | HipFoodieMom.com
    Since moving to Madison, Wisconsin, a lot of cool and exciting things have happened.  We’ve been exploring our new city, walked on a frozen lake, eaten delicious fried cheese curds, sampled yummy Wisconsin beer and tasted 10 year aged cheddar cheese.
    I love cheese. If I could just eat cheese all day, I would.
    Maybe this is why …
  • Strawberry and Orange Quick Bread with Candied Orange Marmalade April 1, 2014Strawberry and Orange Quick Bread with Candied Orange Marmalade_main | HipFoodieMom.com
    I can’t believe it’s April 1st?!
    These next few months are going to speed by and then we will be into summer. .  the change of weather here in Madison has everyone in good spirits and actually doing activities outside because even though it’s still in the 40′s (and sometimes even hitting 60!), it’s a huge …
  • Springtime French Macarons for @DixieCrystals #SundaySupper March 30, 2014Spring Time Macarons_stacked | HipFoodieMom.com
    What better time of the year to celebrate spring than with these delightful sweet treats! French macarons have been on my culinary bucket list for as long as I can remember and I couldn’t think of a better way to usher in spring! With these bright pastel-like colors, these macarons are perfect for any upcoming …
  • Artisan Sweets by Treatsie . . . plus a giveaway! March 28, 2014Treatsie Box_inside
    I have a major sweet tooth. And I love discovering new sweets and chocolates. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an online company or service that discovered and found all of these amazing new artisan sweets for you . .  and mailed them to you monthly?
    Well, that’s what Treatsie does my friends.


    Treatsie helps you …

  • Pepperoni Pizza Pot Pie March 26, 2014Pizza Pot Pie_main |  HipFoodieMom.com
    I have to give it to my husband. He’s outnumbered in our household with me and our two daughters and he puts up with a lot. He wears the goofy tiaras on his head, puts up with all the Disney princess stuff, he plays with the girls and he always, well almost always, tries to …
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Parfait for #chocPBday March 25, 2014Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Parfait_aerial
    If there was ever a day that was meant for me, it’s today.
    It’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Day! Hosted by Carla of Chocolate Moosey and Miriam of Overtime Cook. 31 bloggers are sharing their favorite chocolate peanut butter recipes, ranging from cookies and bars to scones and muffins. Follow the hashtag #chocPBday on social media and join us with your favorite …