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A beautiful cheese board for holiday parties!
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How To Make The Perfect Cheese Board

Perfect for parties, the holidays, and family gatherings - making a cheese board is an entertaining essential!
Prep Time1 hr
Cook Time0 mins
Total Time1 hr
Course: Appetizer, Appetizers, Snack or Appetizer, Snacks
Cuisine: American, French, Italian, Mediterranean
Keyword: cheese, cheese board, cheese plate, cheeses, entertaining, entertainment, holidays, parties
Servings: 6


  • Cheeses You'll want an assortment of at least 3 different cheeses of various textures and flavors.
  • Charcuterie Select several dried meats that compliment your cheese flavors, such as Salami, Proscuitto, Soppressata, Capocollo, Mortadella, Chorizo.
  • Fruit Dried and/or fresh, use whatever's in season!
  • Crackers and/or Bread Include a variety of crackers with different textures that compliment your cheese and charcuterie flavor profiles; and/or sliced baguette or other crusty bread.
  • Nuts Choose a few types of nuts that offer both complimenting and contrasting flavors, like candied walnuts and spicy almonds.
  • Pickled Things Veggies that are pickled - like beets, asparagus, and cornichons - add great sour notes for balancing the sweetness and saltiness of your other cheese board items.
  • Jams and/or Preserves Offer your guests something seasonal and sweet to enjoy with their salt and savory snacks!
  • Olives Include both green and black olives, or whatever variety goes best with your cheese and charcuterie selections.


  • Before starting, visualize how you'd like your cheese board to look to get an idea of your layout. I like to even sketch my designs beforehand!
  • Paying attention to varying textures and colors, assemble your cheese board with your cheeses, charcuterie, fruit, crackers and/or bread.
  • Because they are juicy, I recommend including your pickled items and olives in separate dishes on your cheese board.
  • Likewise, for keeping organized, feature your nuts selection in little dishes.
  • Include jams and/or preserves in little dishes on your cheese board.


  • I recommend using a lovely board or platter made of wood or slate, or other eye-catching and food-safe material, for presenting your perfect cheese board to your guests.
  • Be sure to read serving suggestions on nutrition labels of your ingredients to determine serving amounts. You want to be sure there's plenty to go around!
  • See my post for tips on choosing the right cheeses for your cheese board: you can't go wrong with a fun selection of different textures and flavors. Try including one firm cheese, a soft and creamy option, something smoky or spicy, and a cheese that's strong like blue cheese - just be sure to keep this one far from the other cheeses!
  • Serve your cheese board with several small knives and utensils so that everyone can dig in together.
  • You can assemble your cheese board a few hours before your party by leaving off the crackers and/or bread and covering your cheese board with cling wrap.