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Loaded Meat Lovers Hoagie

Prep Time10 mins
Total Time10 mins
Course: Main or Side
Cuisine: American
Keyword: hoagie, meat lovers hoagie, sandwich
Servings: 2


  • 2 Italian hoagie roll, or Italian bread loaf cut in half
  • Mayonnaise
  • Mustard yellow or Dijon
  • Red wine vinegar
  • olive oil extra virgin
  • pinch dried oregano
  • Salt and pepper
  • 4 slices provolone cheese
  • 4 slices white American cheese optional
  • 6 slices Mortadella
  • 6 slices ham
  • 4 slices bologna
  • 1 (5 oz.) package HORMEL® Pepperoni Original
  • Iceberg lettuce shredded
  • 6 slices tomato
  • 6 thin slices red onion
  • Pepperoncini peppers optional
  • Serve with potato chips


  • Slice the Italian hoagie roll in half, or Italian bread loaf cut in half and spread on some mayonnaise and mustard on the top half. Lightly drizzle a little red wine vinegar and olive oil on the bottom side of the bread; don’t drizzle on too much. You will add more later. Sprinkle on the dried oregano and season lightly with a little salt and pepper.
  • On the bottom side bread, layer on the half the cheese slices and then top with half the Mortadella, ham, bologna and HORMEL® Pepperoni Original. Add the shredded iceberg lettuce on top and then add the tomato and red onions slices. Add a little more shredded lettuce if desired and drizzle on more red wine vinegar, olive oil and dried oregano over the lettuce and close the sandwich. Repeat to make second sandwich. Serve with pepperoncini peppers and chips and enjoy!