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Summer Themed Cheese Board

Prep Time20 mins
Cook Time25 mins
Total Time45 mins
Course: App or Main
Cuisine: American
Keyword: cheese, cheese board, cheese plate, cheeses, grilled fruit
Servings: 6


  • olive oil extra virgin
  • Whole Foods hearth breads: Mt. Athos Fire bread
  • peaches cut in half with the pit removed
  • 2 to 3 zucchini sliced in long strips, lengthwise
  • Sartori bellavitano rum runner cheese sliced or cubed
  • Istara petit basque cheese sliced into small wedges
  • Sartori bellavitano herbs de provence cheese sliced or cubed
  • Calkins creamery daisy cheese cubed
  • Salami and soppressata folded in half and folded again
  • Firehook sea salt Mediterranean baked Crackers
  • 365 sea salt pita chips
  • Terra plantains with sea salt
  • 365 organic pub cheese sourdough pretzel pieces
  • 1 Mini yellow watermelon : yellow mini sunny gold watermelon sliced
  • Assorted berries: blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries
  • Cherries
  • Jams and/or preserves
  • nuts


  • Light a gas grill to medium heat. If you're cooking over charcoal, grill the peaches after everything else has been grilled. Lightly drizzle, or use a brush, the bread, peaches and zucchini on both sides with some olive oil.
  • Place the bread and zucchini on the grill and the peaches: place cut-side down on the grill and cook undisturbed until grill marks appear, for about 4 to 5 minutes. Flip everything and grill another 4 to 5 minutes more on the other side. Remove from the grill and carefully slice everything into smaller pieces, or however you prefer.
  • For everything else: Paying attention to varying textures and colors, assemble your cheese board with your cheeses, charcuterie, fruit, crackers and all of the grilled items. Include jams and/or preserves, if desired, in little dishes on your cheese board. Serve and enjoy!